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My name is Merrick Chase and I’m the founder and owner of How’s Your Headshot. I’m a longtime professional portrait and commercial photographer. Several years ago I became dissatisfied with the lack of options for professionals in the Denver and Boulder markets to create exceptional portrait imagery and so I started one of the first headshot-only brands in Colorado. Today, thru How’s Your Headshot, my team and I create beautifully lit, magazine quality headshots for top professionals and entrepreneurs all over Colorado’s Front Range and beyond.

We work with CEO’s, VP’s, boards of directors, leadership teams, and entire staffs of partners and executives at some of the country’s most successful companies. We also work with small businesses and startups, as well as individual entrepreneurs ranging from attorneys, realtors, and therapists to actors, artists, and chiropractors; anyone interested in creating truly standout headshot imagery for their business. 

We  are just as happy to work with individuals as we are to work with a large company or firm and all of its staff.




One of the things we do most is set up our complete mobile studio at a client’s location/offices in order to efficiently and effectively create headshot imagery of large numbers of staff at once. This could be all 24 architects at an architectural design firm, all 65 engineers at an engineering firm, the 12 members of your board of directors who are all flying in from across the country for a single annual meeting- plus 5 leadership team members- or any other scenario.We come on-site and turn a 15×15′ space in your offices into a fully functioning headshot studio where we’ll create professional portrait imagery of everyone, one after the other, in several minute intervals (these intervals shrink or grow based on how many people we’ll be photographing). We do this in Colorado and also out of state when the numbers are large enough to warrant the trip.

We also create Environmental Portraits– portrait images with a natural background, whether indoors or out, urban or nature-based– at a multitude of locations in the Denver and Boulder areas.  Often we’ll create these types of images on site at a client’s location instead of studio backdrop headshots. We find that these types of headshots offer a bit more warmth and character than a typical studio backdrop shot, and we like to be able to offer our clients a choice.



Something that more and more of our clients are having us produce is Office Culture imagery. These are essentially action shots of you and your team working in the office in a variety of often staged or partially ‘staged candid’ scenes. You may all be sitting around the conference table for a meeting, or a few partners may be walking down the hall engaged in conversation. Other shots may feature individuals at their desks and talking on the phone, while intently focused on their computer monitor, or else interfacing with clients in the lobby or elsewhere. Office Culture shots depict how it feels to be at work in your space and they’re tremendously useful across a variety of platforms.

Whichever type of imagery you decide to create together, we excel at capturing our clients at their very best and at producing the highest quality imagery. In order to do so we provide wardrobe consultation, very specific (and often playful) direction, and posing and lighting techniques that we’ve been utilizing for decades. Professional retouching is always included with your images free of charge, along with complete editing, and color correction.

We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in front of the lens.