Denver Headshot Photography by Hows Your Headshot Colorado Headshot Photographers-Owner Merrick Chase

Owner and longtime professional photographer Merrick Chase creates beautifully lit, magazine quality headshots and professional business imagery for people in the Denver and Boulder markets (and beyond) whose image is of the utmost importance to them. In his own words…

“I specialize in shooting headshots and this is where nearly all of my time is spent. I am an expert at ‘Capturing Your Best Self®’ and I take the time to work with each person in a slightly different way. Everyone has an entirely unique face and body shape and that is one of the first things that I’m taking into account when you get in front of my lens for your headshots or business portraits. I work with exactly what’s in front of me to create the best possible images. Hate getting your photo taken? Not a problem at all. Think you photograph terribly? Crooked nose? Think your forehead is too big / your lips are too small / one eye is smaller than the other / you think you look silly when you smile? / you’ve put on a bit of weight since you last had your headshots done? No problem! Think that you’ve never had a good photo taken of you? Even better! I work with plenty of people who tell me at least one of these things and my job is simple: to put you at ease so that we can create imagery that you’re actually going to like- and chances are even love, of yourself. You’ll be proud to display your new headshots for others to see- I guarantee it!

I create headshots for professionals of all kinds in our studios in Denver and Boulder and also on location at large firm’s / companies’ offices, which is a specialty of ours. I work with executives and partners in the corporate environment, CEO’s, CFO’S, VP’s, leadership teams and boards of directors; as well as all manner of entrepreneurs ranging from attorneys, realtors, therapists, and chiropractors, to actors, artists, athletes, nutrition counselors, yoga instructors, and all manner of small business owners.

In addition to being a headshot expert, one of the things I find myself doing the most thru How’s Your Headshot is setting up our complete mobile studio at your location at work to efficiently and effectively create headshot imagery of large numbers of your staff at once. This could be all 24 architects at an architectural design firm, all 65 engineers at an engineering firm, your 12 board of directors who are all flying in from across the country for a single annual meeting- plus 5 other leadership team, or any other scenario. We come on-site and turn a 15×15′ space in your offices into a fully functioning headshot studio where we’ll create professional portrait imagery of everyone on-site, one after the other, in several minute intervals (these intervals shrink or grow based on how many people we’ll be photographing).

The headshots that we’ll create together – whether of you on your own in our Denver or Boulder studios, or of you and your team at your corporate offices – will have two noticeable traits that stand out to the viewer. Those two traits are Confidence and Approachability and both will radiate from image in your headshots. You simply wear what you’d like to present yourself to the world in and leave the rest to me. It is my job to capture the best version of you [and your team], and in order to do so I pay an obsessive level of attention to detail during every part of the process. Professional retouching is always included with your images free of charge.

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in front of the lens!”




Hows Your Headshot-some of our clients