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We Work In the Greater Denver and Boulder, Colorado Areas and Also Nationwide


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Why Hire Us?

Whatever industry you work in, you want your headshot to portray you as the well-rounded badass that you are- both confident as well as warm and approachable. You certainly don’t want your headshot to look like a poorly lit yearbook photo from the 1980’s (like far too many LinkedIn profile pics do).

Your headshot should draw new clients to you like a magnet and make the viewer feel that he or she knows you– much like your close friends and colleagues do. A great headshot can do that because it relays the feeling of who you actually are, and that’s all we do at How’s Your Headshot– we create great headshots. And Office Culture imagery…


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It’s not rocket science but it does take many years of practice to figure out how best to work with every different size, shape, and personality of countless subjects– and especially with each person’s entirely unique face. Our clients work with us because we create the best imagery in the industry as well as a comprehensive shooting experience that includes extensive direction and mood setting, wardrobe consultation, and meticulous attention to the smallest of details. Details ranging from determining which side of your face photographs best and what music puts you in the best mood, to making sure that your tie isn’t crooked and that the pendant of your diamond necklace is centered on its chain around your neck. And plenty more.

It’s entirely up to us on your shoot to create the perfect environment that enables us to ‘Capture Your Best Self ®.’ Anything less is, well, a waste of your time and ours. So, if your image matters to you and you hate getting your photo taken just like everyone else, hire one of the best and you’ll feel completely different about your new headshots. You’ll love them and we guarantee it.


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We create beautifully lit, magazine quality headshots for top professionals and entrepreneurs all over Colorado’s Front Range and beyond. We work with CEO’s, VP’s, boards of directors, leadership teams, and entire staffs of partners and executives at some of the country’s most successful companies. We also work with small businesses and startups, as well as individual entrepreneurs ranging from attorneys, realtors, and therapists to actors, artists, and chiropractors; anyone interested in creating truly standout headshot imagery for their business. We’d love the chance to create professional portraits for you that show the world your  best face. 

We specialize at setting up our mobile studio on-site at your offices, where we photograph large numbers of staff one after the other. We also welcome clients into our studios in both Denver and Boulder, whichever your prefer. Finally, we also shoot environmental portraits as well as office culture imagery both indoors and out, at a variety of locations in the Denver and Boulder areas. Whatever your headshot needs, How’s Your Headshot pays an obsessive level of attention to detail in order to create a welcoming, energetic shooting environment and to ensure the best possible finished images. Give us a call today!